My name is Roope Kivimaa. My passion is music. Welcome to the Musoneshomepage!

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I'm a class teacher/Master of Education and music educator (Bachelor of Music, university of applied sciences) from Paimio, Southwestern Finland, born in 1975. In my day job I work as a class teacher (teaching also music) and as a part-time teacher I teach music skills, i.e. music theory, at the Music Institute Arkipelag. I love making music - composing, arranging and playing - in my free time.

I started to play the violin at the age of 6 at Paimio Music School, and from that point my path slightly lead me to Turku Conservatory. I graduated as a violin teacher there in 1999. I studied to be a music skills/music theory teacher partly simultaneously and graduated as a music educator from the Music Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2001. These studies gave me versatile capabilities and knowledge about music theory and its teaching, which supported my composing too. My original main instrument is the violin but I also play the piano and prefer it in my composition and arrangement work.

In 2003 I graduated from music specialization studies in Turku UAS, which included for example composition projects and the violin A diploma.

As a violinist I have played in bands specializing in Argentine tango and tango nuevo . These have been Bobbango quintet (2005-2011), Bandolaorchestra (2007-2017) and the largest Argentine tango orchestra in Europe Pirttilahti Tango Experience (2019- ).

Furthermore I have played the violin a lot of open-air summer theaters in the band (Paimio Summer Theater 1996-2009, my first production was aptly "The Fiddler on the Roof"). Somerniemi Musical Theater gave me significant experience as a music arranger, conductor and eventually as a composer too. My first production in Somerniemi was the 10th anniversary concert in 2011, for which I arranged most of the music, conducted the orchestra and played the keyboard. My latest production at the Somerniemi Musical Theater was "One Circus" (2019), to which I was honored to compose about half of the music, in addition to arrangements and conducting. In 2022 I was acting as conductor in the Broadway musical "Sister Act" of Paimio Theater, for which I also adapted the musical arrangement.

Musones is my light entrepreneurship through which I want to offer my competence to those who could use it.


  • Violin teacher, Turku Conservatory, 1999
  • Music educator, Turku University of Applied Sciences, 2001
  • Specialized studies in music, Turku University of Applied Sciences, 2003
  • Class teacher/Master of Education, University of Turku, 2008

Supplementary education

  • Pedagogy of composing and digital pedagogy of composing, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, 2019-2021
  • Conducting and arranging class, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, 2023
Orchestral version of Circus Rhapsody, excerpt (2020)
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