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My new single ”Kalabalık” will be released on all music streaming platforms in Feb, 23, 2024! Kalabalık is psychedelic folk-prog slightly in the spirit of 70's Jethro Tull. The vocal parts, violin, ukulele and virtual instruments are my own work. My credit guitarist Kalle Rinne is responsible for the guitar and Henri Takkinen for the majestic cello. This song will surely surprise many who think they know my music. 😎

AI-produced music videos of Kalabalık and my previous song "The Canon of All Great Escapists" will also be released on the same day on my YouTube channel!

Kalabalık: Link to streaming options


In the summer of 2024, Somerniemi Music Theater premieres the musical play "Perintö" ("Inheritance") based on Hector's songs, written by Emmi Ali-Yrkkö. The director is Saija-Reetta Kotirinta. I am in charge of arranging the music and leading the band. There will be a great coverage of Hector's (aka Heikki Harma) most famous and touching hits, with which the story fits perfectly.

Previous news & events:

A piece called "Straddling nowhere" released on Spotify and Bandcamp in August 2023! This beautiful jazzy prog piece is composed by Italian Federico Fantacone, who plays the piano parts too. I was honoured to arrange and play the violin parts of this version. Straddling nowhere is originally a piece of a remote-collaborating band collective, The Round Robins. Bandcamp link here.

My new double single “The Canon of All Great Escapists” / “Telperion” released Friday April 7th 2023 on all streaming services! The composition, lyrics and production of both songs were made by me. Telperion's wonderful guitars were played by Kalle Rinne and backing vocals were sung by Anna Aronpuro.

The songs represent my own effort to make some kind of psychedelic art rock and their lyrics are originally my own Finnish dada poems from almost 20 years ago. To be continued…

Mar 23, 2023. Above, the collab production of my dreams, was performed in Sigyn Hall, Turku. 🤯 This dance production performed with the dancers of Music Institute Arkipelag was part of the Children's Music Festival and Arkipelag week.

On November 20, 2022, my piece Escape was premiered live at the tango concert of the Pirttilahti Tango Experience in Loppi. Ammi Autere, Alexandra Gribanova, Jarkko Björknäs and I played the violin. Ville Westergård was the pianist.


In the summer of 2022 there was the premiere of "Sister Act" the musical in Paimio Summer Theater. I was the conductor of the show, leading a professional band of six. The show season was from the 17th of June to the 15th of July, 2022 in Museomäki, Paimio. The dazzling music with disco, funk and gospel is composed by Alan Menken and arranged by Jussi Vahvaselkä, with adaptations by me.

Kunnallislehti Jun 21, 2022:

"The fun and magnificence of the story - - in the clash of personalities and worlds locally on stage is music, the execution of which is literally fine. Conducted by conductor Roope Kivimaa, the band “Bad Monks” is a skilled interpreter of Alan Menken’s original music, and the nun choir is startlingly good."

Taina Tukia, Kunnallislehti

Turun Sanomat Jun 19, 2022:

"Directed by Eija-Irmeli Lahti and edited by conductor Roope Kivimaa, the performance is fun and easy to watch and comfortable to listen to."

Frida-Maria Pessi, Turun Sanomat

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