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I have been composing since teenage years. Composing my own music has always felt the most natural form of self-expression to me. When inspiration takes control, it is simply hard not to compose! Something starts to sound in my head... melodies, harmonies, rhythms... and I just have to get them somewhere.

Despite my classical educational background I hardly care about the boundaries between musical genres. I have moved from cinematic expression to so called art music and from north indian influences all the way to progressive rock. Simply put: I tend to compose whatever sounds and feels good in my mind.

My compositions since 1992 (Links for listening!)

For orchestra:

For string orchestra:

  • S.T.A.R. Suite No. 1 (arrangement) (1995)
  • Basant (Prayers For Lost Ghosts) (2002)

Chamber music:

  • Impromptu for violin & piano (1994)
  • String Quartet No. 1 (arrangement from S.T.A.R. Suite No. 1) (1994)
  • Indian Raga "No. 72" for violin, cello & bongos (1996)
  • Fantasy after themes of "The Investigations" Suite for string quintet, celesta & timpani (1997)
  • Piano Trio (2000) (cello: Henri Takkinen, piano: Paula Kostia and violin: Roope Kivimaa)
  • Abhogi for violin and accordion (2001) (accordion: Antti Leinonen and violin: Roope Kivimaa)
  • String Quartet No. 2 ”Chaos And Order” (2003)
  • Adana (2020)

Progressive chamber rock (albumi ”Above 2021):

  • Subzero
  • Piece -I
  • Escape
  • Piece I
  • Piece II ”May Calm”
  • Dark Forests
  • Piece III
  • Piece IV
  • Above

"Calypso" live (in Somerniemi Music Theatre 2019, photo: Manu Kärki)

Stage music:



More of my compositions listenable at my SoundCloud site !

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