Arranger and conductor

As the conductor of the play Sommerå in 2018. From left to right: Roope Kivimaa, Eemeli Morander, Hermanni Morander, Viljami Morander & Olli Vuorela. Photo: Manu Kärki

For the first time I arranged the band parts for the musical play ”Silkkikivi” by the Paimio Summer Theater (composed by Petri Laaksonen) in 2000. After that, the time lasted until 2011, when I arranged a versatile assortment of musical music gems for the 10th anniversary concert of the Somerniemi Musical Theater for a nine-member celebratory orchestra.

In 2015 I arranged the music for the play ”Onnen maa” by the Somerniemi Musical Theater. The music consisted mainly of finnish tangos. For the first time I got to arrange choral parts properly. In 2016 I arranged the musical play ”Teuvo ja paperitaivas” based on the music of the finnish rock band Leevi & the Leavings. Although the music style of "Leevis" is pretty homogenic, I got results like Kyllikki as a slow ballad, Elämän meno as a reggae and Pohjois-Karjala as a rock spectacle a 'la Muse.

In 2018 I arranged about half of the music for the novelty play ”Sommerå” by the Somerniemi Musical Theater (finnish pop songs of all kinds) and I composed my first theatrical song "Tää on R-Y-Ö-S-T-Ö" ("This is a R-O-B-B-E-R-Y"). In 2019 I was responsible for arranging the music of the novelty play ”Yhtä sirkusta” ("One Circus") (songs by me, Kilpeläinen and Lindholm) and I composed about half of the music of that play (see Composer).

The coronavirus canceled and postponed my next theater production from 2020 two years forward. Finally, in the summer of 2022, I was able to work on the large-scale and long-awaited Broadway musical "Sister Act" at Paimio Theater, where I acted as the conductor and keyboardist of a wonderful band. The actual musical arrangement of Alan Menken's compositions was by Jussi Vahvaselkä, but I was responsible for the so-called stage arrangement and editing arrangements for a slightly smaller orchestra.


My arrangements 2000- :

  • Musical play The Silk Stone (composed by Petri Laaksonen) for 6-person orchestra (2000)
  • Music for the 10th anniversary concert of the Somerniemi Musical Theater (wide selection of musical tunes, i.e. The Sound of Music, The Fiddler on the Roof and Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven) for soloists, choir and a nine-member orchestra (2011)
  • Musical play The Land of Fortune (Finnish evergreen tangos, composed by e.g. Unto Mononen) for soloists, choir and 5-person orchestra (2015)
  • Musical play Teuvo and the Paper Heaven (music of Leevi & the Leavings, composed by Gösta Sundqvist) for soloists, choir and 4-person orchestra (2016)
  • SomeroLOVE vol. 2 concert by Somerniemi Musical Theater (composed by Toni Wirtanen, Ellinoora Leikas, Charles Aznavour etc.) for soloists, choir and 5-person orchestra (2018)
  • Musical play Sommerå (part of the arrangements, composed by Juha Tapio, Larry Kolber, Antti Kataja and others) for a six-member orchestra (2018)
  • The Christmas party cabaret Kullan kaipuu ("Gold Longing") by the Somerniemi Musical Theater: jazzy background tape arrangements of the songs Meksikon pikajuna, Kaunis Marjaana, Ei suomalaiset tanssi, Kohtalokas samba, Hyvä paha ruma mies and Miehistä viis (2018)
  • Musical play Yhtä sirkusta ("One Circus") (most of the arrangements, composed by Roope Kivimaa, Niina Alitalo, Nestori Kyyrä, Silja Salminen, Tuure Kilpeläinen, Olli Lindholm) for soloists, choir and a six-member orchestra) (2019)
  • Sister Act the Musical (composed by Alan Menken), adapted and stage arranged from Jussi Vahvaselkä's arrangements (2022)
  • Musical play Perintö ("Inheritance") (music by Hector) for soloists, choir and 5-person orchestra (2024)
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